Not Your Average Taco Joint

Our Story


Cheechako Taco was founded in 2009 in the heart of downtown Plattsburgh, New York. We offer a wide variety of burritos, quesadillas, salads, rice bowls and of course, tacos. Every item is customizable, so you can add as much delicious bacon or take out as many of those healthy vegetables as you please. Our food is always made fresh to order and we use produce from local farms. Our atmosphere is casual and friendly, with game tables and daily riddles to keep things fun. Everything is available for pickup, delivery or dining in - as well as outside seating in the summer.

Something for everyone on the menu

Build Your Own

We don't just modify our items to suit your taste, we build YOUR items to YOUR taste.  We pride ourselves in using the most fresh ingredients for unforgettable flavor, and if you like your burrito plain jane or your taco kinda weird, we welcome the challenge.


Our Kids Meals are served on a collectible frisbee and come with a free cookie!  Kids can choose from a taco, quesadilla, nachos or salad, all with the best, freshest ingredients to max out fun and nutrition! 

Vegetarian & VEgan

With an ever-growing evolution from consumer consciousness, we are at the forefront of dietary choices.  We offer the largest variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, cater specifically to restricted and specialty diets (GLUTEN FREE & ALLERGIES WELCOME!), and absolutely love making believers out of the pickiest of eaters.